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Water as a Political Weapon against India

China’s plan to reroute the Brahmaputra waters northwards at Great Bend located at Tibet’s corner with north-eastern India will generate power more than twice the capacity of three Gorges dam, writes Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies at Centre for Policy Research, on Tuesday Times of India.

Since most major Indian River sources is in Tibet, Chellany points out that China’s water transfer projects and hydro-engineering projects in Tibet threaten the interests of India by diminishing river flows to India.

“Through its giant projects in Tibet, China is actually set to acquire the capability to fashion water as a political weapon against India,” wrote Chellany. “Such a weapon can be put to overt use in war or employed subtly in peacetime so that the level of cross-border water flows becomes a function of political concession.”

Some information was provided by Times of India and excerpts from an interview with Brahma Chellaney.