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Rights Group Releases 2011 Report on Human Rights in Tibet

Rights Group Releases 2011 Report on Human Rights in Tibet

Dharamsala based Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), which monitors human rights situation in Tibet, released its annual report on Monday morning in Dharamsala.

TCHRD’s Annual report slams China’s rights record in Tibet and raises serious concerns over the increasing self immolation cases by Tibetans from Tibet. The report states "The series of self-immolation protests involving Tibetan monks, nuns, and lay people did not occur in a vacuum. Ever since the 2008 unrest in Tibet, the Chinese government’s control of Tibetan life has become significantly restricted. The self-immolations are symptomatic of the greater plight that Tibetans find themselves in throughout the Tibetan plateau".

Jamphel Monlam, Deputy Director of TCHRD raised concerns that unless the Chinese authorities ease the restrictions placed on the Tibetan people, and engage in sincere dialogue aimed at addressing their grievances, self-immolation might remain the only avenue for Tibetans to voice their desperation.

Monlam said, "Despite the increasing frequency of self-immolations, the Chinese government refuses to admit any responsibility and has instead increased the level of oppression in Tibet by introducing new rules and regulations to further restrict Tibetan's basic human rights." He urged International government to intervene to save Tibetan lives.

The report also sheds light on the state of religious freedom, the ever-widening net of state censorship, education and language rights, torture of detainees and political prisoners, enforced disappearances, flawed development model, environmental destruction, and the consistent violation of civil and political rights of the Tibetan people.

TCHRD estimates that currently, there are over 830 known political prisoners in Tibet, out of which 403 are known to be legally convicted by courts. In 2011 alone, (as of 15 December) 230 known Tibetans have been arrested and detained.