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SFT Commemorate 'Tibetan Independence Day'

SFT Commemorate 'Tibetan Independence Day'
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The Students for a Free Tibet's chapter in Dharamsala, North India held a discussion on the Tibet/China Peace Treaty of 821-822, to commemorate 'Tibetan Independence Day' on February 13, 2014.

Students for a Free Tibet held a flag raising ceremony at the TCV Day School followed by a 7-foot prop display of the treaty replica. Copies of the treaty were distributed and forums on the importance of the treaty were discussed. Texts of the treaty were read subsequently both in English and Tibetan by representatives of Tibetan NGOs and activists.

Today marked the Centennial of the 1913 Tibetan Proclamation of Independence.
Every year on February 13, Tibetans and supporters commemorate Tibetan Independence Day as a day to counter China's claims to their homeland and asserting their determination to be free, said SFT press release.

"This year on February 13, Students for a Free Tibet will mark the day by celebrating the great legacy of the Tibetan Empire to challenge China's propaganda about Tibetan history as well as to strengthen the case for Tibet on the global stage. In commemorating the historical legacy of the Tibetan Empire, we are not only securing our past but also shaping our future, as we work towards fulfilling our vision of all Tibetans uniting in a free and democratic Tibet," said Dorjee Tseten, Asia Director, Students for a Free Tibet.

This morning, activists of Students for a Free Tibet from the Delhi and Kolkata chapters submitted the text of the Tibet-China Peace Treaty (821-822 AD) to the Chinese Embassies in these respected metropolitan cities. More than 20 cities around the world joined the Feb 13th campaign including New York, Boston, London, Edinburgh, Toronto, Paris, Vienna, Sydney, Tokyo, Poland, and Denmark. Further events and programs were organized in major Indian cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Jalandhar, and Kolkata.