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New information on June 11 self-immolation in Kham Tawo

Self-immolaters in Tibet since 2009 Update 6/14/2013
VOA Tibetan sources in South India have confirmed the name of the nun who self-immolated on June 11 in Kham Tawo, Sichuan Province as Wangchen Dolma. Venerable Wangchen was a dedicated nun at the Washab Dak-Kar monastery located in the Tawo district.

This new information comes from a local resident of Kham Tawo who says that the incident occurred when he was walking out of Washab Dak-Kar monastery after his daily routine of prostrations and prayer. He was startled by a loud thrashing noise, which he initially assumed was an explosion of a small car, causing him to approach the monastery to investigate, at which point he came across another man who was shouting, “A nun has self-immolated, we need to extinguish the flames and claim the body before the authorities take her away.” After saying that, the man is reported to offer a Khatak, a traditional Tibetan ceremonial scarf, to honor and pay his respects to the nun. Within minutes of the incident, Chinese security forces arrived at the scene, put out the fire, wrapped the nun's body in white cloth, and took her away in a vehicle. The bystander who offered the Khatak to the nun was detained and taken into custody. His whereabouts are still unknown.

VOA has learnt that Venerable Wangchen Dolma is in a local hospital in critical condition, and that her family members were allowed to visit her. However, due to the heavy restriction on communications in the region, further information on the incidence and on the nun remain unknown.

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