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Dharamsala concerned about Chengdu student confrontation

Dharamsala concerned about Chengdu student confrontation

The Central Tibetan Administration said it is deeply disturbed and concerned by recent reports of confrontations between Tibetan and Chinese students at a school in Chengdu, which led to several Tibetans being hospitalized.

“In light of these recent events, we encourage Tibetan students to focus on their studies and maintain cordial relations with other fellow students in keeping with our traditional values. Our pride in our Tibetan identity and heritage does not rest on a show of physical force, but through academic excellence,” said Dicki Chhoyang, Minister of the Department of Information and International Relations in Dharamsala, India.

“With Tibetan students reported to study in 12 cities in mainland China, the Chinese government must ensure their personal safety,” she said.

“In keeping with its claim to build a harmonious society, we hope the PRC government will take the necessary measures to promote good relations between Chinese and Tibetan people. Consequently, such efforts will facilitate positive interactions between Chinese and Tibetan students,” she added.

“The Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration would like to reiterate that the Tibetan struggle is neither anti-China nor anti-Chinese. We strive for the restoration of freedom in Tibet through peaceful dialogue,” the DIIR Minister said.