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Chinese Police Detain 'Spartan Warriors'

Men dressed in Spartan-style costumes walk through a commercial plaza in Beijing, July 22, 2015.

A group of foreigners dressed as Spartan warriors as part of a publicity stunt for a local restaurant has been detained by Chinese police.

The group of about 40 bare-chested young men, dressed in brown cloaks, sandals and matching shin guards, was delivering salads this week to Beijing office workers as part of the promotion.

They quickly drew the attention of passersby, who snapped pictures showing the "warriors" shouting and standing in pyramid formation.

The stunt also rattled Beijing police, who were seen in photos restraining the shirtless young men on the ground as they made the arrests in the upscale Sanlitun District.

The state-run People's Daily said Wednesday the group was taken away by Beijing police for "affecting public order." It did not elaborate.

A statement by police later said the officers were forced to take action to control the "foreigners in short pants," according to the Associated Press.

It is not clear if the men were later released or if the company will face any charges for the stunt.