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China Vows to Stamp out Dalai Lama's Voice in Tibet

His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his teachings at at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia on October 10, 2013. Photo/Sonam Zoksang
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Chen Quanguo, the chief party of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) has publicly announced in the latest issue of Quishi, an influential Communist Party’s journal that China would “strike hard against the reactionary propaganda of the splittists from entering Tibet.” Chen further added that they would “Work hard to ensure that the voice and image of the party is heard and seen over the vast expanses of Tibet and that the voice and image of the enemy forces and the Dalai clique are neither seen nor heard.”

The publication of Quishi with this announcement was received by its subscribers on November 2, 2013.

China has implemented various measures to prevent Tibetans from watching or listening to broadcast from outside of the region to acquire information of the Dalai Lama, specifically tightening their repressive policies and authority towards Tibetans in the past few years since the wave of self-immolations took over the Tibetan region.

Tibetans have often risked their lives to access information regarding the Dalai Lama through illegal satellite television or smuggling his teachings and pictures across the Indian/Nepal borders. Since the March of 2009, there has been 122 individuals including nuns, monks, farmers, mothers, grandfathers, and fathers who have burned themselves on fire to protest against China's repressive policies towards Tibetans.