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Chinese Officials Accused of Holding Secret Parties

A trainee walks pass a communist party logo as he attends a training course at the communist party school called China Executive Leadership Academy, Sept. 2012.
China is acknowledging some government officials have been trying to avoid a crackdown on extravagance by holding secret sauna parties and hiding alcohol in plastic water bottles.

State-run newspaper People's Daily published a front-page commentary Wednesday, warning officials against engaging in "underground" lavish lifestyles funded by public spending.

The article was published under the byline of He Yong - the same name as a high-ranking Chinese anti-corruption official. It coincided with China's May Day holiday, which many Chinese typically celebrate with feasts and banquets.

The newspaper said public discontent has grown in response to reports of Chinese officials holding sauna parties in farmhouses, pouring luxury liquor into water bottles and staging banquets in canteens to hide their behaviors from supervision.

China's new Communist leadership which took office last year has vowed to reduce official extravagance and promote frugality to try to keep a lid on domestic anger about corruption.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.