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Advocacy Group Says Security Forces Beat Protestor as he was in Flames

The young man who self-immolated on January 14 in Amdo Ngaba to protest Chinese repression was beaten by Chinese police using clubs spiked with nails and kicked even as he was burning according to the International Campaign for Tibet, the US based advocacy group.

Up in flames and calling for the long life of the Dalai Lama and freedom in Tibet, Lobsang Jamyang walked up and down the street before being overcome by the fire and the beatings. Unable to bear the sight of the violent beating and his body being taken by the security forces, Tibetans at the scene stood up to the armed security personnel, demanding that the body be returned to them to be given proper religious rituals and funeral. Eye-witnesses say the security forces responded by firing into the crowd and detaining and beating people, resulting on one possible death and critically injuring one woman and blinding another who was hit with a spiked club. Lobsang Jamyang is reported to have died in Barkham, Ngaba with his family only given his ashes after authorities had cremated him, according to the Kirti monastery, Dharamsala. To be deprived of being able to offer proper religious rituals at the death of a family member is an unthinkable act of oppression for Tibetans. Lobsang Jamyang is the 17th Tibetan to have undertaken self-immolation protest since March 2009.