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Head of the Delegation Welcomes China’s Statement on Direct Contact - 2003-06-12

This morning for our AM show, Gyaltsen Tsering, AM show MC, did a live interview with Mr. Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari, head of the Tibetan delegation who just returned from China after two weeks visit there. In the interview Mr. Gyari welcomed China’s Foreign Ministry statement on Thursday, acknowledging a thaw in the relations between Beijing and Dharmsala and also announcing a direct contact between the Chinese leadership and the Dalai lama. This is the first time that the Chinese Foreign Ministry made such a statement. Lodi Gyari said during the visit, he met with all the concerned Chinese new leadership and had a constructive and frank exchange of views in a warm and friendly atmosphere. He says that Sino-Tibetan issue is complicated and complex problem, and it will take time to resolve the problem. But the recent meetings with Chinese leadership is a step forward towards an earnest negotiation to find a mutually acceptable solution for the Tibetan people.