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Tibetan Physicians Say No Symptoms of SARS Detected in Deported Tibetans - 2003-06-10

Tibetan stringer Gedun Rinchen reported that two of the 18 Tibetans who were deported to Tibet recently had been affected with SARS virus, according reports by media. However, two Tibetan physicians, who checked and looked after the health of those 18 Tibetans while in Nepalese prison, say those Tibetans did not have any SARS symptoms while there were in Nepal. They say the Tibetans were thoroughly examined at Patna Hospital in Katmandu, and the doctors at the hospital did not find any symptoms that are close to SARS cases. Tibetan doctors say that the imprisoned Tibetans were suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and diarrhea and were in poor condition.