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Saudi Attacks Kill at Least 10 Americans - 2003-05-13

Monday night's terrorist bombings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was the work of cowards, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell who's in the Saudi capital to discuss, among other things, combating terrorism. At least ten people are believed to have been killed and dozens of others injured in the late night suicide attacks. Mr. Powell is expected to visit one of the compounds attacked by the bombers.

Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived in Riyadh Tuesday morning, less than 12 hours after suicide bombers attacked several residential compounds in the Saudi capital that left dozens of Americans hospitalized. Mr. Powell, before departing for Riyadh from Amman, Jordan, said the attacks appear to have the earmarks of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization al-Qaida. Saudi officials said the attackers used vehicles, loaded with explosives, to carry out the attacks against the compounds, which house mainly Westerners.

The explosions caused balconies to collapse and blew out windows and doors.

Several witnesses said they heard gunfire shortly before loud explosions rocked the compounds just before midnight Monday.

Americans living in Saudi Arabia have been advised to stay at home until U.S. and Saudi authorities can determine if there is an ongoing threat to American citizens living in the kingdom.

Secretary Powell, who is on a tour of the region to discuss terrorism and the Palestinian-Israeli peace plan, is expected to visit the scene Tuesday of one of attacks following meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Foreign Minister Prince Saoud al-Faisal.

Mr. Powell said Tuesday he would be discussing how to redouble the efforts to fight terrorism. He said the United States would not shrink from the task of prosecuting the war against terrorism with what he said were all the resources at the U.S. disposal.

He said the terrorists who carried out Monday's attacks in Riyadh were cowardly individuals who sneaked in the middle of the night to kill innocent civilians.