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Dalai Lama Briefs Tibetans on the Current Status of Sino-Tibetan Dialogue - 2002-10-23

The Dalai Lama called for a restrained approach by Tibetans towards the Chinese authorities for the next few months while giving audience to more than 800 Tibetans attending the Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace in Austria. Referring to the visit to Tibet and China by Special Envoy Lodi Gyari and Envoy Kalsang Gyaltsen in September and the subsequent statement by Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche concerning President Jiang Zemin’s present visit to the United States and Mexico, the Dalai lama told the Tibetans that when the Chinese authorities are showing a new willingness to renew contact it would be good on the part of Tibetans to reciprocate with restraint. “It is better to have a contact than not having at all; we can see how it develops in the following months,” the Dalai Lama told the Tibetans.