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Dalai Lama Presents “Light of Truth Award” to Two Tibet Supporters - 2002-10-16

The Dalai Lama presented the International Campaign for Tibet’s “Light of Truth” award to Heinrich Harrer and Petra Kelly, in memoriam, for their contributions to public awareness of Tibet and Tibetans. The Dalai Lama, on behalf of six million Tibetans, thanked both of them for their unparalleled support for the Tibetan cause, and in particular he said the work done by the late Petra Kelly “will never be forgotten by the Tibetan people.” The Dalai Lama spoke fondly about his old friend Heinrich Harrer whom he knew when he 15 years old. The Tibetan leader says although Heinrich is over 90 years old, his mind is sharp and alert. He has not forgotten his Tibetan language, the Dalai Lama added.