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Thai Protesters to 'Shed' Blood Against Current Government བོད་སྐད།

Protesters in Thailand have donated their blood to be used in a symbolic demonstration against the government. The blood is to be splattered around government buildings in Bangkok as a show of their determination to see new elections.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters lined up Tuesday to have nurses draw a small amount of their blood.

The red-dressed protesters, known as the red shirts, say democracy was stolen from them and demand that the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva call new elections.

If their demand is not met Tuesday evening, they plan to splatter the blood around government buildings.

Sean Boonpracong is the red shirts' international spokesman. He says at least 20,000 protesters have donated blood.

"It will be substantial enough to paint all of the six entrance[s]. Because, we feel like Abhisit is not human. You know, he just has no common bond with the people. He doesn't know how the poor suffer in day-to-day living. And so, he has no soul," he said. "And we feel like with him taking orders by some group of people, we don't know who they are, but it seems like he's not his own man initiatives. And we intend to force our action accordingly."

Sean acknowledges the stunt will not likely force the government to give in to their demands and says the protesters will consider civil disobedience as a further step.

An estimated 100,000 protesters are camped around Government House in the center of Bangkok and have been demonstrating there and outside of military bases.

Most of the protesters are from outside of Bangkok, particularly the north, and have been gathering since Friday.

The red shirts say the military and the political elite in Bangkok are thwarting democracy.

Many red shirts support former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinwatra whose populist policies got him elected twice but displeased Bangkok's traditional ruling class.

He was ousted in a 2006 coup and now lives overseas to avoid a jail sentence for corruption and abuse of power.

Governments friendly to him were toppled by thousands of yellow-dressed protesters in 2008.