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Chinese Delegation Concludes Historic Visit to Taiwan བོད་སྐད།

A Chinese delegation has concluded an historic five-day visit to Taiwan where Beijing's representatives signed landmark agreements and faced fierce protests.

Before he flew back to Beijing early Friday, China's envoy Chen Yunlin said the road to improving relations between China and Taiwan will be long. But he said both sides can share the burden.

During his five-minute meeting with Chen on Thursday, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou stressed that the two sides still have significant differences over Taiwan's security and international status.

But Mr. Ma also praised the landmark deal that Chen signed with his Taiwan counterpart earlier this week. The deal further opens transportation links between the island and China.

Thousands of pro-independence demonstrators faced off with police outside their meeting place, despite an attempt by officials to sidestep protests by holding the talks five hours ahead of schedule.

Many Taiwanese fear that as Taiwan signs more economic agreements with China, it will give Beijing more power to promote its claim that the self-ruled island is part of its territory.