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Four in Taiwan Develop Kidney Stones as Tainted Milk Scandal Expands བོད་སྐད།

China's tainted milk scandal continues to expand, as sales of a famous brand of candy were halted Friday on the mainland and four people in Taiwan developed kidney stones.

Health officials in Taiwan say three children and one mother have been hospitalized after drinking Chinese milk products. It is not yet clear whether the products were tainted with the chemical melamine.

The makers of China's White Rabbit candy have halted all domestic sales of the candy after fears that it too was tainted with melamine. Exports of the candy have been recalled from more than 50 countries.

More than 30 governments in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East have either banned or recalled Chinese-made products containing milk since the scandal broke two weeks ago.

Also today, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization issued a statement today, urging affected countries to attempt to ensure the safe feeding of millions of infants, and urged inspectors to be vigilant.

At least 53-thousand children in China and Hong Kong have been sickened from ingesting milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine, which is believed to have been used to cheat on quality tests. Melamine can make foods such as watered-down milk appear to be higher in protein.

Four children have died, while nearly 13-thousand others remain hospitalized.