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Violent Protests Erupt in Mongolia amid Election Fraud Allegations བོད་སྐད།

Protesters in Mongolia clashed with police and set fire to the offices of the country's ruling party Tuesday, accusing it of voter fraud in Sunday's parliamentary elections.

The results of the election have yet to be released, but preliminary results show the ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party winning more than 40 of parliament's 76 seats.

Protesters torched the party's headquarters today in the capital, Ulan Bator, and blocked firefighters from reaching the burning building.

Police responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas.

The head of the the country's rival Mongolian Democratic Party, which is predicted to have won more than 20 seats, says his party will not accept the results of the race.

Both parties campaigned on a promise to give cash payouts to every Mongolian from big mining projects, including a major copper deposit in the Gobi desert.

The Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party ruled the country for much of the past century as a one-party communist state, but introduced multi-party democracy and market reforms in the 1990s.