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Indian Police Bust Kidney Snatching Racket བོད་སྐད།

Police in India have arrested several people in connection with an illegal kidney transplant racket that removed organs from poor laborers and sold them to wealthy clients.

The scam was being run from a home in the city of Gurgaon, just outside of New Delhi.

Local police chief Mahender Lal told reporters today (Monday) that up to 500 transplants had been done by doctors over the last nine years.

Officials say the victims were poor laborers from villages near the capital, who were were lured to a private clinic by offers of jobs but told instead they were wanted for their kidneys. Some of the victims were reportedly held against their will before being drugged and operated on.

Reports say they were paid up to 25-hundred dollars for their kidneys.

Police say the kidney ring had a waiting list of dozens of people from India, the United States and Greece.

Several patients waiting for transplants were at the clinic when it was raided by police last Friday. They were allowed to return to their countries without being questioned.

Police say four people were arrested. However, the main doctor suspected of heading the group may have fled the country.