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Dalai Lama  Inaugurates Satyagraha Conference at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

The Dalai Lama gave the opening speech today at the Satyagrah International Conference in New Delhi . He said, "India must export Ahimsa [non-violence] in political field and religious harmony more to the outside world. I think the world really needs that." His Holiness gave away prizes to the winners of Satyagraha Essay Competition and also released a book of the Eight Best Essays. The organizer of the conference also released special souvenirs of calendars and photos. Satyagraha scholars from 14 countries including USA, South Africa, Germany, Belgium and Brazil are attending the conference. Prof. S. Rinpoche, Chairman of Council of Ministers of Tibetan Govt. in Exile, will give a special lecture on Satyagraha.