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Tibetan Communist Says Hawks Blocking Dalai Lama's  Return

A Tibetan Communist who led Chinese advance troops into his homeland decades ago has written three letters to President Hu Jintao and condemned some communist hawks for thriving on their opposition to the solution of Tibet issue and return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

In his 2004 letter, Bawa Phuntso Wangye said the hawks are making a life, are promoted and become rich by opposing splittism and if the Dalai Lama and the central government reconcile, these people will be in a state of trepidation, feel nervous and could lose their jobs; and in his 2006 letter, he singled out retired Lt. Gen. Yin Fatang, Tibet's ex-party boss, for sticking to "wrong" leftist policies - a rare revelation of the unfading influence of the hawks. Robbie Barnett tells VOA that the Chinese leaders had told him that Tibetan leaders in Lhasa were reluctant to solve the Tibetan issue fear of losing their jobs.