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Talk to VOA TV: The Making of Pan-Tibetan Public Culture

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As the lunar year draws to a close, Tibetans across the plateau are preparing to celebrate Losar, the Tibetan new year. Losar, however, has not always been celebrated in the same way at all times. In fact, for hundreds of years, divided by geography and linguistic diversity, local traditions in different Tibetan areas assumed distinctive shapes and forms. After the annexation of Tibet, China's administrative system and its repressive policies in Tibetan areas isolated local areas even further. However, over the past decade, increasing mobility and communication technologies have created a new space for the development of a new pan-Tibetan public culture. Today, music videos produced at one end of the Tibetan plateau will be sold in the markets at the other end. From shared holiday rituals to consuming a new Tibetan pop music culture to the development of a Tibetan bloggosphere, a new pan-Tibetan public culture is clearly emerging. Tibetan TV call-in show invites Mr. Pema Bhum, director of the Latse Library, and Mr. Lama Kyab, former lecturer in law in Xining, to discuss this new cultural phenomenon and its significance.