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France and Canada Condemns Chinese Soldier Killing of Tibetan Refugees

French parliamentarians and Canada's Foreign Affairs condemns strongly the recent shooting of defenceless Tibetan refugees by the Chinese People's Armed Police.

Minister French parliamentarians expressed their outrage over the shooting of Tibetan refugees by Chinse border soldier at Nangpa la. The parliamentarians urged the French President to bring this matter up during his meeting with them later this month.

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay "strongly" condemned the killing of an unarmed Tibetan fleeing into Nepal and wounding of another by Chinese troops, captured by Romanian television PRO TV on video.

"Canada strongly condemns this act of violence against unarmed civilians as an egregious violation of human rights. We have formally raised these concerns with the Chinese government," MacKay told the House of Commons.

"We have called upon the Chinese to conduct a full, independent investigation and punish those responsible, as well as release the detained Tibetan children immediately to their families," he said, citing China's obligation under the UN Convention on the Rights of Children.