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Talk to VOA TV: Contemporary Tibetan Art

In mid-1980s, a group of young Tibetan artists trained in China began to experiment with modern Western techniques and materials to create new forms of artistic expression. Since then their experiment has gained momentum both inside and outside Tibet. Today, contemporary Tibetan art has become not only a unique form of aesthetic expression of Tibetan thought and perspectives, it has also gained a new commercial market. This week's Tibetan TV call-in show invite two of the most prominent contemporary Tibetan artists to discuss the development and definition of contemporary Tibetan art. The program explore how this movement has sought to capture new visions of Tibet in the current historical moment. Gongkar Gyatso, founder of the Sweet Tea Gallery, will join us via polycom from London. Losang Gyaltso, founder of Mechak Center for Contemporary Tibetan Art, join the program from Boulder, Colorado. The program also feature a package report from the contemporary Tibetan art exhibition and symposium convened recently in Boulder.

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