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Jetsun Pema Resigns from the Presidential Post of Tibetan Children's Village

The official ceremony marking the formal resignation of Mrs. Jetsun Pema from the Presidential post of Tibetan Children's Village.

During the ceremony which was held in Upper TCV, Dharamsala Saturday, the outgoing President, Mrs.Jetsum Pema, a former Kalon of the Tibetan Government-in-exile and the younger sister of the Dalai Lama said that a democractic institution is needed to run the organisation as the Tibetans had already started to elect their own Kalon Tripa, therefor she decided to step down personally and as per the Village's Administrative guidelines a new President was elected through voting by the administrative heads of the TCV.

Jetsun Pema had shouldered this responsibility for the last 43 years. The newly elected President of the TCV is Mr. Tsewang Yeshi, who had worked in the village for the last 32 years.