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Tibetans in Nepal Hope Better Future with Change of Government in Nepal

Political change in Nepalmay bring a new positive changes for the Tibetan refugees settled in the country.

It is reported thay since the dissolutin of Nepal's parliament in 2003, the Tibetan refugees settled in Nepal had to face great many problems like in January of 2005 the Nepalese government closed the Dalai Lama's Representative office in Kathmandu, which cause hardship to Tibetan refugee who had all the requirement to go to foreign countries but due to Nepalees government's refusal to grant them refugee certificate, they are in trourble.

It is also reported that in the October of last year, the Nepalese government also stopped issuing transit permit to those Tibetans who had escaped from Tibet to go to India and more over the Nepalese government has not given the permission to institute a committe to look over US governments' willingness to accept 5000 Tibetans as part of it's refugee resettlement program. Yet, now many hope that with the change in the government, there may be a positive change for the Tibetans also.