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Nepali Communist Leader Says King Could Be Exile, Executed

The leader of Nepal's Maoist insurgency says he thinks the king will ultimately be exiled or executed to make way for a republic in the world's only Hindu monarchy.

In a BBC television interview broadcast Monday, top Nepali communist leader Prachanda said King Gyanendra, who seized total power a year ago, had not left any room for compromise.

The reclusive 52-year-old Prachanda has been living underground (in hiding) for more than two decades. Last year, he forged a loose alliance with the main political parties to topple the king and restore democracy.

The Maoists have been fighting since 1996 to overthrow Nepal's government and install communist rule, a war that has killed about 13,000 people and shattered the economy.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.