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Taiwan Investigators Identify Suspect in Presidential Shooting

Police in Taiwan say they have identified the "most likely" suspect in the attempted assassination of President Chen Shui-bian last year. But the man is dead, and Taiwan's opposition questions whether the truth behind the bizarre election eve shooting will ever be known.

Police say Chen Yi-hsiung, an unemployed man in his 50s from the city of Tainan, "most likely" shot Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu on election eve on March 19 last year.

Ho You-yi, head of Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau, says the suspect's notes say he was depressed when Chen Shui-bian became president because the economy turned bad.

Mr. Ho told reporters that evidence linking the suspect, Chen Yi-hsiung, to the shooting included video footage from the scene, ballistics tests, and testimony from the dead man's wife that her husband had confessed to the shooting.

Mr. Ho said Chen Yi-hsiung's body was recovered from the Tainan harbor ten days after the shooting, and the death is a suspected suicide.