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Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s Nominee for Kalon Fails To Pass Parliament

The Tibetan Parliament in Exile on Saturday voted to reject Sikyong Sangay’s nominee, Tenzin Dhardon Sharling, for Kalon (minister) of the Department of Foreign and International Relations (DIIR). The Sikyong has had to withdraw Ms. Sharling once already in June of this year due to her not having reached the minimum required age of 35. The Tibetan press reported at the time that both the Sikyong and Ms. Sharling had misunderstood the fact that she had to be 35 years old at the time of her appointment as Kalon in June, and not just sometime in 2016.

The exile Tibetan Administration’s rules regarding the approval of cabinet members stipulates that any objection to a nominee for Kalon would require a floor vote to be carried out, and a majority vote needed for a approval verdict. Out of the 43 members of Parliament present to vote in Saturday’s session, only 14 supported the Sikyong’s nominee.

The current Parliament session ends on September 29, and there is no word as of today on what the Tibetan political leader will do next regarding the unfilled cabinet post.

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