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Documentary on Tibetan Self Immolations

Documentary on Tibetan Self Immolations
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At the height of Tibetans burning themselves inside Tibet, Loten Namling has undertaken a desperate solo march in different parts of European towns and cities to lobby for the Tibetan self-immolators. During the course of this march across many European nations, his friend and Tibet supporter Dodo Hunziker decided to record Loten la’s struggle and activism. So few years after the end of that solo campaign a new documentary called ‘Tibetan Warrior’ was born. So far, the movie has been shown in different places in Europe and its international premier is slated on October 8th in New York city. Table Talk talks to the main caste of the movie, Loten Namling about the making of the movie and its impacts so far on the audiences around the world and also future plans of the movie.