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Tibetans Helping Tibetans: Ideas, Importance, and Implementations

As the number of Tibetans in the west is increasing with each passing year, an increasing number of them are actively helping various institutions, projects, and programs in India and Nepal. For instance, Tibetans in various parts of the United States are enthusiastically embracing and supporting the programs, plans, and the ideas presented by the General Secretary of Mussoorie Home’s School. General Secretary Penpa Tsering is currently touring various parts of U.S. with the twin aim of further strengthening the school's relations with its alumina as well as to raise funds for the school. Table Talk invites Lobsang Tenpa, Maryland Resident, Rinchen Sonam (also called Chola Genpa), NY resident, to discuss the idea behind Tibetans helping Tibetans and its importance.