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Minorities Suffer More ill-Health Under Discrimination

Minorities Suffer More ill-Health Under Discrimination
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A new report says that the minorities and indigenous people around the world face more health problems than other segments of the population because of government policies. The report produced by Minority Rights Group International says this is due to the practice of excluding minorities and indigenous people from designing of health programs and disrespect of their traditions. “Ultimately, the right to health is right to survive,” says Carl Soderbergh, director of the group’s policy and communications. “It’s a precondition for all other human rights, as well as the result of the enjoyment of all other human rights.” Mr. Soderbergh tells Healthy Lifestyle that the Tibetans are also a victim of such treatments. He believes that the exploitation of the natural resources in Tibet is a relevant concern for health issues. He went further to say Beijing’s polices are making Tibetans engage in “desperate” acts, including the self-immolations. Desperation, he says, is a problem that affects mental health.