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Tibetan Activist in Dharamsala After Two Years On The Run From Chinese Authorities Part 1

In 2011, Lobsang Thupten and two friends put up a poster demanding Tibetan freedom on the gate of a government building in Dzakhog county, Derge. But as soon as they had completed their protest action, the three men had to flee the area because in order to prevent widespread security investigations and crackdowns, the three men had signed the document with their own names. Thupten and his friends spent two years hiding in the mountains until finally separating to make it easier to evade capture. While in the mountains, Thupten learnt from nomads that his mother and some family members of his two friends had been detained, and that a 120,000 Yuan reward was being offered for information leading to their arrests. Speaking from the Transit School in Dharamsala, India, Thupten recounts his experience to VOA Tibetan’s Tibet in Review.