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CTA Convenes Conference on Development of Monastic Education

Conference opening ceremony

Central Tibetan Administration's department of religious and culture today starts off its conference on development of monastic education at Gyutoe monastery near Dharamsala.

The four-day conference convened representatives of 47 monasteries and nunneries in exile Tibetan community from the four major Buddhist schools and Bon tradition to discuss ways to improve monastic education and introducing science in monastic education.

Pema Chinnjor, the minister for Department of Relgion and Culture in his introductory speech spoke about the importance of Tibetan Buddhism in preserving Tibetan identity and gaining international support for the Tibetan struggle.

Samdhong Rinpoche, the former Kalon Tripa of the exile Tibetan administration was the chief guest during the morning conference. He stressed the importance of studying all aspects of Buddhist studies before specializing in one particular subject.