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Nepal Cremated Tibetan Self-Immolator's Body

Buddhists and tourists take a round of Bodhnath stupa, in Katmandu, Nepal, Thursday, March 5, 2009. Situated on an early trade route between Katmandu and Lhasa, Bodhnath was a religious site. The present stupa, Nepalís largest, was constructed probably in

Nepal reportedly cremated Drupchen Tsering’s body Monday night despite repeated pleas made to the Nepalese Government to return it to the Tibetan Community. Tsering's body was held at the Teaching Hospital after he burned himself to death on February 13. Sources say ashes from the cremation were disposed into the river.

Drupchen set himself ablaze on Tibetan New Years died few hours after setting himself alight near a prominent Buddhist religious site.

Tibetan community and groups have repeatedly called on the Nepalese authorities to release Tsering's body for a proper Tibetan ritual service. On Monday, a delegate of five Tibetan NGOs submitted a memorandum to the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi requesting release of self-immolator Drupchen Tsering's body.

Around 20,000 Tibetans live in Nepal and the country is under intense pressure from Beijing over the exiles. Nepal has prohibited demonstrations by Tibetan exiles and cracked down on such gatherings in recent years, to avoid angering China.