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Tibetan Man Self-immolates in Labrang Area Villlage

Site of Lhamo Kyab's immolation

A 43 -year-old man named Lhamo Kyab, who worked as a forest keeper, burnt himself to death on a wooden pyre in the small village of Lushoe at approximately 10 am local time on Monday, March 25.

Kyab’s self-immolation was discovered by locals in the late morning who say that there was little remaining of his body except for his skull. Today’s self-immolation comes a day after Kalkyi, a Tibetan woman who was the mother of four children set herself ablaze in Zamthang, Ngaba Prefecture, Sichuan province. She died at the site of her protest.

Since February 2009, there have been a total of 109 self-immolations in Tibet and Tibetan regions reported to focus on political and religious issues, with another two self-immolations that were reported to have been motivated by property rights issues.