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Young Mother Becomes 8th Tibetan to Self-Immolate in Rebkong in November

Thousands of Tibetan students stage protests in Rebkong, northwestern China's Qinghai province, 19 Oct 2010

A 26-year-old Tibetan woman today around 4 pm set herself on fire in China protest in Rebkong (Chinese: Tongren) in Malho (Chinese: Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province.

Chagmo Kyi succumbed to the burns at the scene of the protest. Sources say local Tibetans carried her body to Rongwo monastery where hundreds of monks and thousands of lay Tibetans attended her cremation.

On Thursday, another two young Tibetan, Kabum Gyal, 18, and Dangzin Dolma, 23, burned themselves to call for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibet.

Today’s self-immolation brings the total number to more than 75 since February of 2009. At least eleven Tibetans have set themselves on fire across different Tibetan regions since last Wednesday to demand return of the Dalai Lama and freedom for Tibet. In Rebkong, there have been eight self-immolations this month, mostly by young Tibetan men and women.

Aftermath increasing self-immolations in Rebkong, thousands of Tibetans, mostly students have taken to the streets and marched on government offices on last Friday to demonstrate support for protestors and in reaction to the death of young self-immolaters.

Sources tell VOA that the Chinese authorities have heightened security in Rebkong with military and police taking rounds in the town throughout day and night.

The recent self-immolations protests in Rebkong have taken place just as China embarked on its leadership transition. London-based Free Tibet Director Stephanie Brigden said the protests were clearly aimed "at sending the next generation of China’s unelected regime a clear signal that Tibetans will continue to fight for their freedom despite China’s efforts to suppress and intimidate them."