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The 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje began his 3-day teachings on Chöd at Jangchup Jong, about twenty Kilometers from Dharamsala.

At the request of Tara Mandala based in USA, the Karmapa is conferring the Chöd teachings for the first time. His teaching is being attended by more than 1000 practitioners including many Tibetans and Chinese.

The Karmapa talked about the bond shared between the previous Karamapas with Chöd practice. “The Karmapas have maintained a close connection to Chöd practice since the 3rd Karmapa wrote the first commentary on Chöd," said Karamapa, "I myself feel a deep bond with these teachings coming from Machig Labdrön."

The Karmapa will give a public long life initiation on October 29 after finishing his 3-day teachings.

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