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Tibetan Children Village's School Marks 52nd Anniversary

Tibetan Children's Village School Anniversary

Tibetan Children's Village School celebrated its 52nd year anniversary on Tuesday. The chief guest Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje addressed during the the opening ceremony of the anniversary. He advised the Tibetan students to take an interest in Tibetan language and its history, but also advised them to be verstatile in both modern and traditional education.

“As a Tibetan, it is important to have a keen interest in Tibetan history and language, and its tradition but it is also of equal importance to be learned in both modern and traditional education,” he said, “Taking this opportunity, I would like to request the students to concentrate their time on education and not to waste their precious youth.”

Thousands of Tibetans including the Central Tibetan Administration officials and former alumni of the school attended the celebrations.

The ‘Flame of Truth’ torch initiated by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile was handed over to Gyalwang Karmapa for his blessing after completing its journey across India.

Pema Chinnjor, minister for the Department of Religion and speaker Penpa Tsering thanked the leaders of TCV school for their efforts in bringing success to the educational institution and urged the students to study hard.

A glimpse of Tibet before and after the Chinese invasion was displayed through the act by hundreds of students. The act also highlighted on the current crisis in Tibet and series of self immolation in Tibet and called for international and UN attention on the crisis with a 'Save Tibet' song.

TCV School, founded in 1960, is the largest residential school of the exiled Tibetan community. It provides education for destitute Tibetan children in exile, as well as for newly arrived Tibetan refugee children. With established branches all over India, TCV has over 15,000 children under its care.