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Tibetan Monk Self-immolates in Yushu

A monk of Lab Monastery self–immolated himself Wednesday in Tridu (Chinese: Chidu) country in Yushu Prefecture of Qinghai province.

Chinese police are known to have arrived at the scene of the self-immolation. A local nomad from the area told VOA Tibetan the police put off the fire before taking Rabyang to Xining.

Tridu County is about 120 km north of Kyekudo, the capitol town of Yushu Prefecture.

Tibetan exile group claim that about 21 people have burned themselves since March of last year to protest China's repression of Tibet's culture and religion.

Officials in Beijing have condemned self-immolations as a form of terrorism. They have accused Tibet's exiled leader the Dalai Lama of supporting them in his fight for an independent Tibet.

The Dalai Lama says he is only fighting for Tibet's cultural autonomy. He has not supported the self-immolations, but he has not condemned them either. In an interview with the BBC last year he has described them as brave and desperate, but futile acts.