Wednesday 2014/04/16
Yurii Klymenko, Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations, attends a news conference on the situation in Ukraine at the United Nations in Geneva, April 15, 2014.

Ukraine Envoy Defiant but Hopeful About Outcome of Talks

Ahead of Geneva meeting aimed at resolving crisis, Yurii Klymenko says it will not be easy to restore stability, nor to get Russia to back off from its territorial designs More

The Canada Revenue Agency website is seen on a computer screen displaying information about an Internet security vulnerability called the "Heartbleed Bug," in Toronto, April 9, 2014.

Canada Taxpayer Data Stolen in Heartbleed Breach

Private information of about 900 people stolen from nation's computer systems as result of vulnerabilities More

FILE - Vietnamese dissident Nguyen Tien Trung stands between wreaths during a funeral for Hoang Minh Chinh in Ho Chi Minh City, February 16, 2008.

Vietnam Frees at Least One More Political Activist

Nguyen Tien Trung, a blogger, was released over the weekend from prison in southern Ho Chi Minh City, his father says More

Russians Rally for Press Freedom, Truth

Video Russians Rally for Press Freedom, Truth

About 5,000 opposition supporters gathered in Moscow to defend press freedom they allege is being replaced by government propaganda More

The latest images from Syria

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  • Men check a damaged vehicle as a Free Syrian Army fighter, carrying his weapon, walks by in the besieged area of Homs, Syria, May 27, 2013.
  • The inside of a damaged mosque in Dahra Abd Rabbo village, Aleppo, May 27, 2013.
  • U.S. Senator John McCain meets with U.S. troops in southern Turkey, May 27, 2013.  During the trip he made a visit to meet with rebels in Syria.  This picture was released on his Twitter account.
  • Syrians participate in the funeral prayer for Youssef Ghazi al-Sarmani, who was killed in fighting between rebel and government forces, May 27. The logo in red reads "Talbiseh".
  • A boy makes pastry at a shop in Darkush town, Idlib province, May 26, 2013.
  • A group of men smuggle diesel fuel from Syria to Turkey hoping to sell it at a higher price, across the Al-Assi River in Idlib, May 26, 2013.
  • Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad during clashes against Syrian rebels in Aleppo, May 26, 2013.
  • Supporters and relatives of Hezbollah members attend the funeral of a Hezbollah fighter who died in the Syrian conflict. The funeral took place in the Ouzai district in Beirut, May 26, 2013.
  • A Free Syrian Army fighter feeds pigeons in Homs, May 26, 2013.
  • Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad take their position during a clashes against rebels, Aleppo, Syria, May 26, 2013. (SANA).

Amnesty International Accuses EU States of Discrimination Against Roma

The group said that in some cases, European states fuel the problem when police fail to prevent or investigate attacks

Vietnamese Dissident Arrives in US after Early Release from Prison

Vu was jailed in April 2011 on charges of spreading 'propaganda against the state' under Article 88 of the penal code

US Ambassador’s Resignation Could Improve India Ties

Observers hope veteran diplomat Nancy Powell's departure will reset ties that have been rocky since arrest of Indian diplomat in New York

India’s Election Involves Daunting Logistical Challenges

Rules stipulate that none of India's 814 million voters - whether they live in a crowded city or a remote mountain village - should have to travel more than two kilometers to cast their vote

Pentagon Disapproves of Afghan President's Support for Crimea Seizure

Karzai has been increasingly at odds with Western nations who have backed his leadership of Afghanistan for over a dozen years

35 Countries Agree to Tougher Nuclear Security Standards

Nations pledge to turn international nuclear security guidelines into national law at summit in The Hague, Netherlands

Photogallery Malaysian PM: Missing Plane 'Ended' in Ocean

Malaysian prime minister announces new satellite data analysis shows missing Malaysian flight MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean

Multimedia Russian Troops Storm Crimea Navy Base

Acting Ukrainian president responds by calling for troops to pull out of Crimea in face of 'threats to the lives and health' of service personnel

Video TB Treatment Sees Progress, Setbacks

Tuberculosis remains a global problem despite World Health Organization reports that TB death rate has dropped to nearly half of what it was 20 years ago

India Court Convicts 4 of Raping Photojournalist

Attack occurred at an abandoned mill where the woman had gone to take photos with a male colleague

Another Vietnamese Blogger Is Set for Trial

Pham Viet Dao faces charges of ‘abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the state'

Latest News

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Headline News Apr 14, 2014i
༸གོང་ས་མཆོག་གི་ཉི་ཧོང་གི་མཛད་འཕྲིན། ཡེ་ཤུ་བླ་ཆེན་གྱིས་དུས་ཆེན་བསུ་བ། ཡུ་གུར་བཙོན་པར་ལོ་ལྔའི་དུས་ཡུན་ཁ་སྣོན། ཡུག་ཁི་རེན་གྱི་སྲིད་འཛིན་གྱི་ཁས་ལེན། གནམ་གྲུ་ད་དུང་རྙེད་མེད་པ།

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