Tuesday 2016/02/09
A campaign sign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sits behind a group of Clinton supporters during a Democratic party caucus in Nevada, Iowa, Feb. 1, 2016.

Iowa Caucuses Come Down to Coin Flips

Caucuses so close that some precincts had to use coin flip to determine who would be awarded a county delegate More

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a "Get Out to Caucus" rally at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa Jan. 30, 2016.

Iowa Caucus Opens US Presidential Nomination Voting

The central state of Iowa opens voting Monday in 1st US contest to pick Republican and Democratic presidential nominees in lead-up to November election More

Asian-American voter Hugh Tra and his father.

Video Asian-Americans Becoming More Politically Engaged

Demographic researcher says, 'Between 2002 and 2012, there was a 60 percent increase in the number of Asian-Americans who registered to vote' More

FILE - Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City at the time, speaks during a news conference at City Hall in New York, Sept. 18, 2013.

Clinton, Sanders Say Not Worried About Possible Bloomberg Run

Two leading Democratic presidential candidates say they wouldn't be intimidated by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg launching independent bid More

A loader piles a full bucket of snow in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., Jan. 24, 2016.

Video US East Coast Digs Out From Record-breaking Blizzard

Twenty-four storm-related deaths reported; Washington, Baltimore and New York among hardest hit cities More

US Observes Memorial Day to Honor War Dead

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  • President Barack Obama speaks to a visitor at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.
  • A couple photograph themselves amongst a sea of flags on Boston Common in Boston, May 26, 2013.
  • Motorcyclists ride across the Memorial Bridge into Washington during the annual Rolling Thunder "Ride for Freedom" parade ahead of Monday's Memorial Day celebration, May 26, 2013.
  • A veteran takes photographs at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, ahead of Memorial Day in Washington, May 26, 2013.
  • Jane Wick, left, and Mary Ann Chubirka wave flags while watching the College Point Memorial Day Parade in New York, May 26, 2013.
  • President Barack Obama talks with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, center, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, left, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, May 27, 2013.
  • Faith Roesch, 6, participates in the the College Point Memorial Day Parade in New York, May 26, 2013.
  • A veteran visits Arlington National Cemetery during the Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2013. (D. Manis/VOA)

US Ranks 4th in 'Best Country' Poll

The best country, according to the list, is Germany, followed by Canada and Britain

US Senate to Vote on Syrian, Iraqi Refugees

Bill would require FBI, Homeland Security and director of National Intelligence to certify refugees pose no security risks before they could be approved for asylum in US

US Military Releases Account of Iran's Detention of US Sailors

Sailors strayed into Iranian waters when US controllers lost contact with them Tuesday; they were detained for 15 hours by Iran

Video Kerry Announces Expansion of US Refugee Program

Secretary of state says expansion will help 'vulnerable' individuals and families from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, offer them safe alternatives to dangerous journeys many have attempted

Obama Focuses on Future, Slams GOP Rivals, at State of the Union Address

Obama appeared relaxed as he focused on the need to heal the country's deep political divides

Video Iran Releases US Sailors

Revolutionary Guard statement said US apologized for intrusion, gave assurances it would not happen again

Video Powerball Jackpot Grows to Historic Level, and Doesn’t Stop

Winnings keep increasing as Wednesday drawing approaches; if you win, take it slow, experts say, as 70% of lottery winners go broke within years

Seven Candidates Qualify for Next US Republican Presidential Debate

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and former business executive Carly Fiorina did not qualify

Beijing Silent on Washington’s Show of Force in Korea

The US deployed a B-52 bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the Korean peninsula over the weekend

CNN: N. Korea Reveals Alleged US Prisoner

Kim Dong Chul, 62, reportedly held for spying; he may be first American detained in North since 2014

US Urges China to Pressure Pyongyang to Abandon Nuclear Program

US Secretary of State John Kerry warns Beijing that it must step up its efforts to force North Korean regime to give up its nuclear program

Audio Terrorism, Immigration Dominate Last Republican Debate of 2015

Nine Republican presidential contenders will share stage Tuesday in Las Vegas as voter concerns shift from economy to terrorism

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