Sunday 2015/11/29
FILE - Pictures of jailed veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu are displayed by protesters outside Chinese central government's liaison office in Hong Kong.

China Releases 71-Year-Old Journalist from Prison

Gao Yu released on medical leave just hours after court reduced her sentence from seven years to five More

FILE - A bridge built by the China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation in Bamako, Mali, in 2011, one of many engineering projects conducted in Africa to realize the ‘Chinese Dream’.

Audio Chinese Investment in Africa Falls by 40%

Analysts say the sharp decline in African investments is a reflection of the broader impact of China's slowing economy More

FILE - Armed Chinese paramilitary policemen march past the site of an explosion outside the Urumqi South Railway Station in Urumqi in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, May 1, 2014.

China: Security Forces Kill 28 'Terrorists' in Xinjiang

The 28 were killed during a weeks-long search for those who carried out a deadly attack at a coal mine in Xinjiang's Aksu prefecture More

FILE - Chinese paramilitary police stand in formation after a flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square on National Day. Methods of torture outlined by Amnesty include beatings, sleep deprivation, being forced into painful positions for long periods, and

Audio Amnesty: Chinese Police Use Torture to Extract Confessions

China has introduced a number of guidelines in the last 5 years that it claims have successfully reduced torture, including laws explicitly banning the practice More

Audio 254 Phone Scammers Sent Home to China

254 Chinese citizens arrested in Cambodia and Indonesia for running telephone scams targeting Chinese victims were More

China's Premier Seeks Stronger Ties with Pakistan

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  • A soldier walks near a bus as he helps to secure the area and clear the roads before the motorcade of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang passes by in Islamabad May 22, 2013.
  • People sit on top of a bus as they go past flags of Pakistan and China that are displayed along a road, ahead of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Islamabad.
  • A man walks next to huge portraits of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, right, and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, left, displayed near the presidency in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • A police officer stands guard next to billboards welcoming Chinese premier Li Keqiang hung on poles near the presidency in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • A soldier speaks to a man as he secures the area and clears the roads before the motorcade of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
  • A military helicopter flies overhead as police officers and soldiers secure the area before the motorcade of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang passes through Islamabad.

Summit With Chinese Leader Spotlights Unmet Expectations in Taiwan

People complain the benefits of some 23 trade deals reached between Taiwan and China are going mainly to the owners of big companies

Taiwan China Historic Talks Fuel Criticism at Home

While the leaders of Taiwan and China say the meeting has nothing to do with the island’s upcoming elections, it is already becoming a key topic on the campaign trail

Video Taiwan Urges China to Resolve Cross-strait Issues Peacefully

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou says importance of security and dignity to Taiwanese people was one of key messages he shared with China’s President Xi Jinping at historic meeting between countries' two leaders

Anti-China Protests Precede Xi Visit to Vietnam

Most demonstrations seem related to maritime territorial dispute over South China Sea

Chinese, Taiwanese Presidents to Hold First Meeting Since 1949

Taiwan leader's spokesman says session in Singapore will aim to 'solidify Taiwan-mainland relations and keep the status quo across the Taiwan Strait'

China Debates New Two-child Policy

Complaints range from high costs of raising children to what many see as undue government interference it what should be personal decision

In China, Mixed Reaction to Two-child Policy Shift

VOA finds public reaction to announcement of shift from one-child policy erratic on Chinese social media, much like news coverage throughout country

China Ends One-child Policy

Analysts say two-child policy, while a welcome move, will do little to help lift country’s declining birth rate or shrinking workforce

China Arrests 4 After Public Prayer Service

Four members of Shouwang Church have reportedly been sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention for 'disturbing public order'

China: Taiwan Election Putting Off Tourists

China has made little secret of its dislike for the election frontrunner, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party's Tsai Ing-wen

Video China's Xi Addresses British Parliament

Speech part of visit British government is touting as opportunity for two countries to boost trade and investment

Audio Some Experts Question Rosy Picture About Xi's UK Visit

Just how far Chinese president's trip will go toward furthering ties is far from certain

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Kunleng News Nov 27, 2015i
ཨུ་རུ་ས་དང་ཏུར་ཀིའི་འགལ་ཟླ། གའོ་ཡུའི་གློད་གྲོལ། ཁ་ཆེ་རྒྱལ་ཁམས་ལ་གཏོར་རྒོལ་འཐབ་ཇུས། སྲིད་སྐྱོང་ཕྱོགས་ཕེབས། དཔལ་ལྷའི་རི་ཁྲོད། བླ་ཆེན་པོབ་ཀྱི་ཨ་ཧྥི་རི་ཀའི་ཆིབས་སྒྱུར། རྒྱལ་སྤྱིའི་གོ་ལའི་གནམ་གཤིས་ཀྱི་ཚོཊ་ཆེན། བོད་ཀྱི་གནམ་གཤིས་འགྱུར་ལྡོག བོད་ཀྱི་གནམ་གཤིས་འགྱུར་ལྡོག་ལས་འགུལ།


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