Saturday 2016/02/06


Video Shows Sonam Dhargyal Engulfed in Flames

Sonam Dhargyal
Sonam Dhargyal

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VOA Tibetan

Video received by VOA Tibetan reportedly shows Sonam Dhargyal engulfed in flames after his self-immolation. On Saturday, Sonam Dhargyal, 44-year-old father of three, set himself on fire in Rebkong region of eastern Tibet, in the latest gesture of defiance to protest Chinese government policies on Tibet.

Warning: Video is graphic

Twenty-nine Tibetans, mostly Buddhist monks, have set themselves on fire in the past year to draw attention to what they describe as Beijing's oppression of the Tibetan religion and culture.  At least 20 have died.

The Chinese government has described the self-immolations as barbaric and terrorists acts.  It accuses overseas groups and the Dalai Lama of inciting separatism.  Beijing also has also portrayed those who have set themselves on fire as outcasts and criminals.

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