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Samdhong Rinpoche Visits Upper TCV

Samdhong RinpocheSamdhong Rinpoche
Samdhong Rinpoche
Samdhong Rinpoche
Professor Samdhong Rinpoche Talk at TCV (In Tibetan)
Professor Samdhong Rinpoche Talk at TCVi
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Former leader of the Tibetan administration in exile, Samdhong Rinpoche spoke to class eight and twelve students at the Upper Tibetan Children’s Village school in Dharamsala, Northern India on how to study and become a responsible Tibetan on July 30, 2013.

During the two hours of talk and question answer session with Samdhong Rinpoche,  the students were encouraged to develop critical thinking and a strong emphasis was placed on the significance of having analytical view on subjects rather than accepting everything one learns at school without ever questioning.

On July 29, a day prior to Samdhong Rinpoche's talk for the students, he met with the staffs and teachers of TCV at their Diki Tsering hall, where he spoke about one of his writings circling the importance of compassion. (Tib. Jangchup Sempai Norbu'i Trengwa)
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