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Causes: Self-Immolations in Tibet

Fire in the Land of Snow a Documentary on Self-Immolations in Tibet

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by: Wangchuk from: Dhasa
18.04.2014 11:11

by: tenzin from: shimla
17.02.2014 04:15
hello friend,
i am a tibetan .i know the pass history of china and tibet , i really don't think so that it is importance to argue what pass was about the two nation rather i deeply and sincerely think it is more important to know the current situation in tibet and why tibetan are self-immolating. even if we were under the china but i don't think so this is not the way to treat to its own people. chinese friend don't go with history and history is all about ruling one and other just try to find the reality and be in present not in pass. they are plenty of fact there either u can study from books or through internet or u just can visit tibet . after that what comes in your mind is the reality and the truth
thank you

by: te ge from: taiwan
22.10.2013 14:06
chinese leaders are shameless,liar,muderer,corrupt,greedy,evil and selfish.they should execute on the spot.

by: Chanly from: Vietnam
11.07.2013 20:43
I can understand the sufferings of the Tibetan people and pray that you will soon be eased. Civilized communities, please help to save Tibetan culture and people. China shouldn't be that one big and aggressive country.

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by: tenzin gyaltsen from: INDIA
06.02.2014 14:54
thnk you for your great support for me and my people,,

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by: Anonymous
24.07.2013 13:56
China will Have to Change......... China will have to study and learn from the Tibetan Spirit. Tibet can certainly be a guiding lights for the Chinese soul......
The Time is now....... China Wake Up and Know that Tibetan People are your true Friends........ You will never be True China without a free and transparent Tibet....

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by: tenzin gyaltsen from: India bangalore
07.02.2014 15:12
thnk you.. it will really helpful to both of country,,

by: Yangyang from: mainland China
22.06.2013 10:40

by: Voltaire from: Paris
12.06.2013 02:48
Which is more dangerous: fanaticism or atheism? Fanaticism is certainly a thousand times more deadly; for atheism inspires no bloody passion whereas fanaticism does; atheism is opposed to crime and fanaticism causes crimes to be committed.
-- Voltaire

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by: oldlamb from: China
22.06.2013 18:07
In Qing dynasty(about 300 years ago),Tibet was a part of China,Tibetan government was attached to Chinese centre regime.according to Tibetan tradition, Tibet conducted political religious system, Dalai lama was the Chief Executive,meanwhile was the leader of religion.was chosen from couple children in Tibet by some religious leader and centre government officer, so called spiritualize-boy,and was approved by the emperor of the centre goverment finally,so called Dala lama.In MinGuo dynasty, Dala lama was a minister of religious department in centre government.In 1949, China was run by Communist Party, Dalai lama went to Beijing for receiving Chinese centre government’s letter of appointment as Tibetan Chief Executive .

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by: Tenzin gyaltsen from: India
06.02.2014 15:12
i will not say you are bad for the few lines that you had said about Tibet(my country) but let me tell you, China is a big, strong and known country and your country is too strong that our country Tibet which is a small and unknown can never be a part of yours. Rabbit can not live in a tiger's cave,,

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by: choney dolma from: india
26.12.2013 12:49
Dalai Lama went to receive letter of appointment? U r nothing other than a dumb, That was not a part of China. Chinese leaders came closer to Tibet seeking for friendship tie with China and who knew the result or the straight point or the purpose was to snatch everything of Tibet and later claim that Tibet was a part of China. It was not in fact never a part of China,rather it was later claimed by China in fear of UNO.

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by: karma t gyaltso from: delhi
07.04.2014 13:47
I'm indeed happy that you are taking part in the discussion, irrespective of your stand, cause you have some knowledge of what is going inside my country. In a pursuit to eradicate the dark ignorance of ignorant, and to enlighten the current situation and desperate plight of Tibetan inside. The self-immolator aren't fanatic nor atheism, it is the most desperate and the most drastic peaceful protest to make heard of the Tibetan plight and stand of non violence, to the world ear, mind and heart.

i am afraid, that the Tibetans, patience and genuine struggle for self rights, as human-being are on the threshold, alarming the entire human race.

Please help us to help the world peace.

by: jinlin from: USA
12.06.2013 00:58
Was this a documentary by the VOA? Actually not. It was produced by the head of VOA's Tibetan Service. Why is that not noted in the "film"?

It is also obvious this was timed to be released just before President Obama met with President Xi in California. Was there a political purpose behind that, on the part of VOA?

Was China government response asked for? If so, and whatever the response was, it should have been noted. If not, just including standard video of a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman is not sufficient for balance.

Has VOA as a whole become a propaganda tool for one or others of your broadcast services?

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by: canary wharf from: ZOVuWrvzpJjxApSSGm
06.06.2014 02:54
P7KHwP I loved your article.

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by: Ten from: Ari
17.06.2013 02:53
Comment from Chinese consulate has been sought several times but denied

by: hjfoley from: Thailand
09.06.2013 12:54
If the Dalai Lama was sincere about love, peace and respect for life he would condemn out of hand self-immolated by his supporters. Almost nobody in the media is asking real questions of the Dalai Lama —or digging up real answers—I wonder why?
If you follow his personal history a very different person emerges...For a good overview of information relating to DL it is worth checking out

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by: Tenzin gyaltsen from: India
06.02.2014 15:21
thnks for looking back to H.H's history,,, but yes it really sadden me not because my name is tenzin but the doubt u made,, the doubt of a mother killing her son,

by: Fred from: Chinese studying in US
08.06.2013 12:04
It is shameful and childish for the Chinese political leaders to oppress Tibetan culture, religion, and independence, in the name of homeland unification. For they will never accomplish anything apart from causing more conflicts that sheds innocent blood. The Chinese regime is responsible for the death of immolators.

by: babygenial
08.06.2013 09:43
This is too unilateral. The Chinese could have used the same policy to every of its citizen, including Tibetans, how come majority peope are fine and actually enjoying it. The Dalai Lama still uses the old school rules to rule its people, go to look for more information is that democratic? You kidding me right

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