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Tibetans in New York Celebrate Nobel Peace Prize Day

Kunga Thinley (left) and Lobsang Nyandak (right)
Kunga Thinley (left) and Lobsang Nyandak (right)

Hundreds of Tibetans celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the conferment of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Dalai Lama at the new Tibetan Community Hall in New York City.

Lobsang Nyandak, representative of the Dalai Lama in North America announced that the Dalai Lama has conferred the name Phuntsok De-shi to the community hall.
North American Tibetan Parliament member Tashi Namgyal and Norbu Tsering, and president of the Tibetan cultural association of New York and New Jersey Kunsang Thinley addressed at the event.

The day was followed with prayers for those who self-immolated in Tibet.

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