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Two Arrested After Golok Self-Immolation

Choekyab (left) and Dorduk (right)Choekyab (left) and Dorduk (right)
Choekyab (left) and Dorduk (right)
Choekyab (left) and Dorduk (right)
Two prominent Tibetans have been detained by Chinese security personnel following Monday's self-immolation in Golok.

Washul Dorduk was arrested the same night on possible links with Lobsang Gendun’s self-immolation in Pema County, Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Lali Choekyab was arrested the next day after he visited the local police office to urge Washul’s release.

Both are known to be respected mediators in the local community. Their current whereabouts are unknown and security has been heightened in the Golok region following Monday's incidence.

On Wednesday, China’s state press said it will press murder charges on anyone aiding or inciting self-immolations. Since February 2009, over 92 Tibetans have burned themselves to protest Beijing's rule.

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