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Miss Himalaya Contest Kicks Off in Dharamsala

Miss Himalaya contestantsMiss Himalaya contestants
Miss Himalaya contestants
Miss Himalaya contestants

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Five girls are participating in the first beauty pageant 'Miss Himalaya' to be held in Dharamsala on October 12 and 13.

Organizer of the pageant Mr. Lobsang Wangyal said the pageant is dedicated for peace and celebration of the Himalayan culture and a better relation amongst the people of the Himalayas.

“Miss Himalaya Pageant is a way to celebrate the mighty and majestic Himalaya, its peace-loving people and their unique culture, and the pristine environment around the Himalayan mountain range." said Mr. Wangyal.

"Miss Himalaya pageant will not only provide an opportunity for young women, but will also foster friendship and understanding among the people in the region,” he added.

The contestants are Anne Norbu, 19, Kunga Tsetan 19, Rinchen Dolma, 23, from Sikkim in Northeast India and Rachna Dhiman, 18, from Kangra and Thinley Yangchen, 22, from Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

The winner crowned will be awarded with Rs. 100, 000. The first runner-up will receive Rs. 50,000.00 rupees and the second runner-up 25.000.00
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