Sunday 2016/02/07

Tibet / Exile Tibet

Dharamsala Holds Conference to Discuss Tibet and Taiwan

Taiwan conferenceTaiwan conference
Taiwan conference
Taiwan conference

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Central Tibetan Administration's recruit trainees and Tibet Policy Institute fellows today attended a special conference on "Tibet and Taiwan: Prospect and Challenges" at the Sahara College for Higher Tibetan Studies, near Dharamsala.

Dicki Chhoyang, minister of the Department for Information and International Relations, asked Taiwanese to play a special role in maintaining a dialogue at civil society level until the official Sino-Tibet dialogue resumes.

She also spoke on self- immolations, Sino-Tibet Dialogue and the three ‘misunderstandings’China has on the memorandum submitted by Tibetan representatives.

Speaking on "Referendum in Taiwan: System and Vision," Professor Tseng Chien Yuan of Chung Hua University said "Although Taiwan has referendum act, it is not enforced’.

Other speakers include Tenzin Norbu from Environmental Desk of DIIR , ChengChi Chu and Julie Condere from Taiwan.
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